Introduction to Non-Archimedean Geometry

Lecture notes

current version (stable link to the latest version): [PDF]

Jan 28: Added a draft versions of chapters 12 (Riemann-Zariski spaces). Chapters 10-11 still missing. [PDF]

Dec 10: Added draft versions of chapters 8 (rigid spaces) and 9 (Tate uniformization). [PDF]

Nov 22: Added chapters 6 (affinoid subdomains) and 7 (Tate acyclicity). [PDF]

Nov 5: Small corrections in chapters 3-5. [PDF]

Nov 4: Added chapters 4 (affinoid algebras) and 5 (sites). [PDF]

Oct 29: Finished chapter 3 (Tate algebras) and corrected some mistakes in chapter 2. [PDF]

Oct 22: Second version of the notes: first half of chapter 3 (Tate algebras). [PDF]

Oct 13: First version of the notes: chapters 1 (introduction) and 2 (valuation theory and nonarchimedean fields). [PDF]

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