Cohomology of Varieties

Warsaw, March 28–April 1, 2022

A conference devoted to various kinds of cohomology theories for algebraic and analytic varieties, spanning from $p$-adic analytic geometry to Hodge theory.

Venue: IMPAN in Warsaw

Organizers: Piotr Achinger (IMPAN) and Wiesława Nizioł (CNRS, Sorbonne)



Preliminary schedule

All talks will take place in room 321 at IMPAN. Coffee breaks will be in room 409.

Schedule and Abstracts (PDF)

10:00–11:00 Gabriel Dospinescu (Non) Finiteness properties of the mod $p$ cohomology of the Drinfeld tower
coffee break
11:30–12:30 Pierre Colmez On the $p$-adic pro-étale cohomology of analytic varieties
lunch break
15:00–16:00 Bogdan Zavyalov Mod-$p$ Poincare Duality in $p$-adic Analytic Geometry
coffee break
16:30–17:30 David Hansen Categorical local Langlands conjecture: refinements, questions, and speculations (on Zoom)
10:00–11:00 Joseph Ayoub On the classicality of the motivic Galois group
coffee break
11:30–12:30 Elden Elmanto On the motivic cohomology of singular schemes
12:45–13:45 Javier Fresán $E$-functions and geometry
lunch break
15:30–16:30 Bruno Klingler Recent progress on Hodge loci
coffee break
17:00–18:00 Alberto Vezzani On the $p$-adic weight-monodromy conjecture for complete intersections in toric varieties
10:00–11:00 Kęstutis Česnavičius The Bass–Quillen phenomenon for reductive group torsors
coffee break
11:30–12:30 Quentin Guignard Ramification in higher dimension
12:45–13:45 Dmitry Vaintrob Logarithmic Hodge theory via noncommutative geometry and almost mathematics
free afternoon
10:00–11:00 Hélène Esnault Arithmetic properties of strongly rigid local systems
coffee break
11:30–12:30 Adrian Langer On some representations of fundamental groups of algebraic schemes
lunch break
15:00–16:00 Peter Jossen On the cohomology of the affine line
coffee break
16:30–17:30 Masha Vlasenko Cohomology and congruences
Dinner at BIBENDA (Nowogrodzka 10) at 19:00
9:00–10:00 Katharina Hübner Logarithmic differentials on discretely ringed adic spaces
coffee break
10:30–11:30 Remy van Dobben de Bryun Equivalence of several conjectures on independence of $\ell$
11:45–12:45 Marcin Lara Geometric arcs and fundamental groups of rigid spaces
lunch break
14:00–15:00 Antoine Ducros Comparison between étale and topological cohomology of Berkovich spaces

Local information

Conference venue: IM PAN, Śniadeckich 8, Warsaw

See local info (PDF) for a list of restaurants and cafes within a short walk from IMPAN.

The guide for IMPAN visitors (PDF) describes how to get to IMPAN from the airport and how to get around IMPAN.



Please use the registration form.

The registration deadline has passed on March 1, 2022. However, if you wish to participate, contact the organizers directly and we will see what we can do.

Conference co-funded by the ERC Starting Grant KAPIBARA