KAPIBARA arXiv seminar

Spring 2023

Time: Every second Friday, 9:30-10:30 (more or less)

Venue: room 408


Feb 3 Piotr Temkin "Non-Archimedean pinchings"
Feliks Kontsevich "Holonomic D-modules and positive characteristic"
Feb 10 Sylvain Temkin "Height reduction for local uniformization of varieties and non-archimedean spaces"
Mateusz Esnault, Kindler "Lefschetz theorems for tamely ramified coverings"
Mar 24 Piotr Petrov "Non-decomposability of the de Rham complex and non-semisimplicity of the Sen operator"
Feliks (tentative) Talpo, Koppensteiner "Holonomic and perverse logarithmic D-modules"
Apr 14? Mateusz ?
Sylvain ?